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This is how you live at Bakketun

Are you wondering what it's like to live at Folkehøgskole? At Bakketun we have three cozy boarding houses, which are again divided into smaller housing units. 

Choose from dozens of exciting electives

3-4 hours a week we have electives. The electives run over periods of 3-4 weeks, so you have many opportunities to test out different things!

We offer electives such as golf, horse riding, cycling, steeplechase, dog sledding, music/band, photography, hunting test, boat driving test, ceramics and much more. 

Musikk og band

News - Project subjects

Study and vocational subjects

In project subjects, you get, among other things, the opportunity to improve grades or explore future careers.

  • Take up subjects
  • Drone pilot
  • Sports and management
  • Preparedness and security
  • Business establishment
  • Cultural field

How do you live?

As a student, you live in the school's boarding school and receive all meals at the school. You live in housing units together with 8 - 12 other students. Together you are responsible for a good housing association. The school has different types of rooms (single room, double room, shared bathroom/toilet in the hallway or bathroom/toilet in the room).

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Everyday life at Bakketun

Everyday school life consists of mainstream subjects, joint subjects, elective subjects and project subjects. In addition, there is all the social work we do at school. There can be afternoons with activities in the gymnasium, themed evenings in music, film and culture, activities linked to our aid projects, voluntary Christian gatherings or class entertainment evenings and much more. In your free time, there are great opportunities for community. Here, it is usually easy to find someone to talk to and come up with cool things with.

Read more about life at folkehøgskole here

Common subjects

We have about 13 hours of joint subjects during a week. These subjects provide important general knowledge, and form part of the school's objectives in a natural and good way.

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Elective subjects

We have 3-4 hours of elective subjects per week. Here you can choose between a number of exciting activities - you can build on your major, or try your hand at completely new areas. The choice is yours!

Maybe you want to try your hand at snowboarding, dog sledding, climbing or horse riding. Or learn to crochet, paint or make your own leather jacket. Do you have a dream of trying your hand as an actor or playing in a band? You can test this through electives!

See all the electives we offer here.

You choose elective subjects when you come to school. These are courses that take place over shorter periods at a time (3-4 weeks), so that you have many choices and breadth in subject areas.

Project subjects

During the year, you choose from among 6 different project subjects, with teaching and working hours for approx. 4 weeks divided into 3 periods in the school year. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your own interests, such as developing ideas, preparing for subjects or exploring future careers.

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Line tours

Joint trip for the whole school: Spain
Sports Extreme: Australia and Thailand
Challenge Explore: Australia and Asia
Outdoor activities fjord and mountains: mid-Norway
Gaming Active: Australia
Norwegian Adventurers: Norway
VanLife: Roatrip (students decide the route)
SoMe!: New York
Scene Studio Tour: New York and London
Crafts: Morocco

The trips are included in the school fees, which means that only pocket money is added.

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Half-year course

We offer half-yearly courses on some of our lines in the spring semester.

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Apply half-year course

The school

Bakketun Folkehøgskole is a Christian folk high school located in Verdal, Nord-Trøndelag. That it is a Christian community college does not mean that all students are Christians, but you will meet staff who have a Christian faith.

Bakketun is a homely school with a focus on security, generosity and joy of life.

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What does a year cost?

How much a year at Folke høgskole costs depends on which line and room type you choose.

Below you see prices for one academic year based on a double room without toilet/bathroom, Includes all compulsory programmes, study tours, board and lodging.

Sport Extreme Australia: 144 350,-
Challenge Explore: 138 350,-
Outdoor activities fjord and mountains: 119 350,-
Gaming Active: 135 350,
Norwegian Adventurers: 123 350,-
VanLife: 139 350,-
SoMe!: 117.350,-
Scene Studio Tour:  121 350,-
Crafts: 124 750,-

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You can get support from Lånekassen when you go to folk college. For the 2024/2025 school year, you can be paid up to NOK 137,907 from the Lånekassen. 

This is how you apply

Here you can apply at Bakketun Folkehøgskole.

No application deadline
Folkehøgskolen has no application deadline - but it is advisable to apply as early as possible, as the lines can be full. You will receive the answer to your application within a couple of days. 

Age limit
Basically, we have an 18-year age limit at school, but we may have some exceptions (contact the school).


Do you have questions about the bus or the school?

Erling Helland (principal): rektor@bakketun.fhs.no

School administration: 74 04 91 00 / adm@bakketun.fhs.no

At Bakketun, you will have a full year experiences, learning and new friendships. You shape your own everyday life through courses and electives. Immerse yourself in your interests - while you get to try new things.

Make next year your year!