This is how you apply

This is how you apply

Application form finder here.

It is an advantage to submit documentation from previous schooling and other experience at once (but can be submitted later). We look at the absence, behavior and order character. Basically, we have an 18-year age limit at the school, but we may have some exceptions (contact the school). An offer of a school place is given after an assessment in relation to the school's overall educational scheme. We want a good distribution of boys and girls on all lines, and emphasize that you are motivated to work within our various subject areas

No application deadline

You can apply from 1 October until commencement. But we send out offers of places on 1 February, like all other folk colleges. After this, there is continuous recording. It is therefore advisable to apply as early as possible - some lines can fill up quickly! You will receive a response to an application received within a couple of days after we have received your application.


In addition to 2 age points, a year at folk college will give you 2 competition points for admission to higher education. This requires at least 90% attendance.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!