Boarding school life

Boarding school:

  • As a student, you live in the school's boarding school and receive all meals at the school
  • You live in housing units together with 8 - 12 other students. Together you are responsible for a good housing association
  • The school has different types of rooms (single room, double room, shared bathroom/toilet in the hallway or bathroom/toilet in the room)

Free time:

  • Great opportunities for community
  • The school organizes various teams of pupils and staff who are responsible for activities during the week
  • The school's various special rooms are open in the afternoon and evening


  • Boarding school with living room
  • Great dining room for pleasant meals
  • Living room for activity and community
  • Various special rooms that are open in the afternoon and evening
  • Verdal center with various offers a short distance from the school

Get to know our school better

Curious about school? Sunniva and Carmen show you around Bakketun Folkehøgskole in this film.

How do you live?

Bakketun Folkehøgskole was built in 1915, and has been refurbished as necessary. Blue. with a new boarding building in 2014.

The students live in the school's boarding school, which is spread over three buildings. Here the students live in smaller housing units of 8 - 12 students. This is a great arena to take part in taking responsibility for a good community.

The rooms vary slightly in size, and are divided into single and double rooms. In some of the housing units there is a toilet and bathroom in each individual room, while others have a shared toilet and bathroom in the hallway. 


Everyday life

Folkehøgskole is a great opportunity for community! Here it is usually easy to find someone to talk to, play a board game with, do some sports with, do something fun with.

In addition to the more spontaneous, students and staff plan many activities together. There can be afternoons with activities in the gymnasium, themed evenings in music, film and culture, activities linked to our aid projects, voluntary Christian gatherings or class entertainment evenings and much more.

We create different ones every autumn recreational team where students who want it, fellows and teachers are included. These are management teams, and these are responsible for various parts of leisure. If you are part of such a team, you gain leadership experience, and it is stated on the certificate that you have held such a position.


  • Sports team: Arranges all possible forms of physical activity from ball games and yoga to dancing and running stairs.
  • Muscle team: Responsible for music and other cultural activities. Here there are almost no limits to theme evenings and creative expression.
  • Team Faith: Responsible for the voluntary Christian work that is carried out. It can be an overnight trip, a pub, chapel gatherings, a bus to various places outside the school or a visit from outside by someone who has something important on their mind.
  • Assistance team: Runs our aid project with many different challenges and activities to bring in money.
  • Every Friday evening, the scholarship holders organize something fun.
Klatring, lek og moro på Bakketun Folekhøgskole

The framework for the week

No two weeks are the same, but the framework for the week looks like this:

Shared every day: Good breakfast + morning meeting (a word for the day, today's news, marking birthdays and other important information).


  • Monday: Room cleaning, Boarding subjects, Housing assembly, lunch and line subjects
  • Tuesday: Elective subjects all day
  • Wednesday: Joint subjects, lunch and line subjects
  • Thursday: Line subjects all day
  • Friday: Line subjects. Boarding laundry the hour before dinner
  • Saturday: Seminar/activity/trip, student evening, Saturday dinner with hot meal


  • Gymnasium
  • Training room
  • Skate hall
  • Bouldering room
  • Student kitchen
  • Homely living rooms and common rooms
  • Dining room - well-being around good meals
  • Sound studio
  • Stage rigging
  • Black box
  • Practice room
  • Various workshops
  • Pottery workshop
  • Large garden with fire pit

Some students made a film for new applicants. Here you get a small tour of the school and some tips on what you can consider taking with you

What do you need?

Any tips:

  • Storage box to keep under the bed.
  • Slippers/slippers
  • Drink bottle/lunch box
  • Duvet/pillow and bed linen

All applicants will be sent a student guide with additional information about what you should think about before you come to Bakketun.

Otherwise, you will receive a letter from your teacher with information and a separate packing list depending on which line you choose to go.

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