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Security – Generosity – Joy of life

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We have a large building with a lot of charm. The students live in the school's boarding school, divided into smaller housing units. This is a great arena to take part in taking responsibility for a good community.

Bakketun Folkehøgskole was built in 1915, and has been refurbished as necessary. Blue. with a new boarding building in 2014.
The school has various special rooms (gym, training room, sound studio, music room, ceramics workshop, photo room, bouldering room, skate hall, etc.) which are available to students outside of teaching hours. The school also has wireless internet.

Great breadth of subject offerings

Bakketun is a school with a wide range of subjects and exciting programmes! With many subject choices, you can put together much of your own timetable and have an everyday life filled with your own interests. Here you will meet teachers and staff who are committed to their subject, and who want to teach and guide in good cooperation with you as a student.

Where do you want to go? Here you can start your journey!

In the course of life, we come to different choices. You who are around eighteen years old are possibly standing at one of these right now. What education are you going to take? Are you motivated enough to start a long course, or do you need some time to think about it?

Do you want to fill your time with something positive, developing and which might help you make the right choices for the future?

Imagine being able to spend a whole year on something you really want to do! Something that may never have been on your schedule, something you're dying to dive into! Or perhaps choose something completely new, and discover new interests or talent?

Teater folkehøgskole
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Framework for the community

In order for our small society to function, it is important to have some framework for the community. We want both pupils and staff to enjoy themselves, take each other into account and get involved! This is clearly shown in the school's core values:


We want to be a place where you can feel safe and therefore be yourself, try new things and that you contribute to your fellow students being able to do the same.


Here, regardless of starting point, interests and beliefs, everyone should experience being met in a generous and inclusive way. The fact that you yourself meet others with generosity and respect will mean that they will feel comfortable in your company.

Joy of life

With us, we want the environment to be characterized by creativity and moments that create joy. Unity is strengthened when we cheer each other on!

Folkehøgskole is learning in the broadest sense, both academically, socially and personally. And your participation will be important for both you and the other students.

The school has a zero limit for the use of drugs, and it is important that everyone accepts that this is a drug-free year.

Value base

Bakketun is one of many Christian folk high schools in Norway. This does not mean that all students are Christians, but you will meet staff who have a Christian faith.

At all folk high schools, it is common to have a joint assembly during the school day. There we go through important information, and we have a word for the day which will often have a Christian starting point.

We want to convey the faith in a lively and natural way and organize gatherings outside school hours for those who wish to participate.

We are a separate foundation associated with Normisjon Region Trøndelag.

The school year

The school year begins in the latter half of August and ends in mid-May. The Folkehøgskole year is a condensed school year, which you will notice best by the fact that we have Saturday classes. On Saturdays, the students are also responsible for student evenings and we enjoy good food in the evening. Truly a highlight of the week. We have homecoming weekends or other holidays about once a month.

View and download the school plan for 2023/2024 here:

Study catalog 23/24

Overview of the school's line offer here.

As a student at Bakketun, you will face challenges, both academically and as a person. You are going to”grow inside you”. Perhaps this is exactly what is needed for you to be able to make a good choice for your future.

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This is how you live at Bakketun

Are you wondering what it's like to live at Folkehøgskole? At Bakketun we have three cozy boarding houses, which are again divided into smaller housing units. 

We are looking forward to getting to know you!