Arts and crafts

Briefly about the line:

  • Pottery
  • Silver and jewelery work
  • Textiles and sewing
  • Redesign
  • Display


  • Morocco
  • Joint trip to Spain and Gibraltar
folkehøgskoleelver maler på keramikk

Create something unique

Here you get the opportunity to explore crafts through making jewelery and working with silver, ceramics, sewing and redesign.

The silver and jewelery work is especially for those who want to try something new and gives the opportunity to quickly achieve impressive results.

Ceramics involves modelling, turning and firing, a process that requires patience but is also very rewarding and allows you to create unique works. When Christmas approaches, we participate in the Christmas sales fair with our own craft products, together with other craftsmen.

In textiles and sewing, you get the opportunity to learn different techniques and make both practical and cool things, such as clothes, bags and interiors, as well as explore redesign and image expression.

Throughout the year, you get to explore your creativity in search of your own expression. Basic tasks will equip you to be able to work further on your own. Once you have been introduced to a material, you can use the associated workshop as much as you wish.

The study trip to Morocco offers an experience of the country's rich craft traditions. We work with local materials in the Moroccan way, explore the Atlas Mountains, ride through the Sahara and spend the night under the stars. Filled with experiences, impressions and inspiration, we travel home with lifelong memories and self-produced products from Morocco in our suitcases.

This is a line for you with creative joy, who loves to work with your hands - regardless of skills and experience. Or who are looking for an inspiring top-up, a new hobby, or are considering education in arts and crafts.

Subject areas


from idea to finished product.


Turning, casting, building, modeling, decorating, glazing and firing.

Silver and jewelery work

Soldering, shaping, modeling in metal clay, use of a jeweler's saw.


Basic sewing machine skills and fun techniques. Work in leather/leather.


Find something old and make something new! Redesign has become an increasingly relevant form of handicraft. From a silver spoon to a nice ring, a brand new chair with covers from grandma's old curtains.

Presentation and exhibition

Part of creating may be giving others the opportunity to experience your craft. This can be through images and video, text and exhibitions.

Collaboration with the school's other creative lines

In addition to working on our own projects on the line, we can work together with the other creative lines at school. These can be small or larger productions where we can learn about each other's fields of expertise.

Travel - Morocco

In the past, the trip has gone to Marrakesh, southwest of Morocco, which offers fantastic cultural and human encounters. At the large market Djemaa El Fna we can meet a teeming life of snake charmers, jugglers, monkeys, musicians - a bit like walking in Aladdin's footsteps!

We have had place of residence close to Djemaa El Fna, in the old Medina, where we could wander for hours in a labyrinth of streets, filled with wonderful crafts and sensory impressions. The workshops lie side by side in the narrow streets; the shoemaker who works in the most incredible colours, jewelery and lamps in metal is sawn, hammered and shaped. Here we have also done some work ourselves, and let ourselves be inspired for further work back at school.

We have visited the potters who live in a village a little outside the city centre. Here we have seen how they make the most incredible ceramic mosaic tiles by hand, and we have learned, among other things, how to fire clay in a gas oven. We have also visited Project Soar, who works for the position of girls in the local community, in a country where the road to equality is still a long way to go.

The meals ours we have most often eaten on one of the city's countless roof terraces, where food made in Tajine is the specialty, which we learn more about on cooking courses. The Atlas Mountains and the Berber city of Imlil has also been a highlight, literally. We first ride dromedaries in the desert, before we ride donkeys up into the mountains together with local guides. approx. 1200 m

Teachers on the line

Ingvild Byre Guddingsmo

I am passionate about the pupils experiencing mastery and pride in their own work, and that they should experience the security to push their own limits.

I am a qualified art and craft teacher with specialization in clay and have a two-year art college. Teaches a wide range of materials and techniques within the craft trade.

Also teaches various elective subjects.

Equipment list

You can borrow this equipment from the school

All equipment needed for teaching

You must provide this equipment yourself

Work clothes and shoes: Both ceramics and silver/jewellery work involve a lot of dirt, dust and dirt. 

  • A full suit or similar that you can pull over your normal clothes, and thus take off when you leave the pottery workshop  
  • Leather apron is perfect for silver/jewellery work

If you have equipment, feel free to bring it!


In addition to the main subjects, you also have joint subjects, elective subjects and project subjects. The common subjects is worth its weight in gold for building community and preparing you for life after school. We offer many exciting electives, such as golf, horse riding, photography, the hunting test, the boat driving test and much more. IN project subject you get the opportunity to, among other things, take up subjects, or explore different career paths.

No two weeks are the same, but a typical week might look like this:

Shared every day: Good breakfast + morning meeting (a word for the day, today's news, marking birthdays and other important information).

  • Monday: Room cleaning, Boarding subjects, Housing collection, lunch and line subjects
  • Tuesday: Electives throughout the day
  • Wednesday: Common subjects, lunch and line subjects
  • Thursday: Main courses all day
  • Friday: Line subjects. Boarding laundry the hour before dinner
  • Saturday: Seminar/activity/trip, student evening, Saturday dinner with hot meal


From NOK 124,750


  • Instruction
  • All meals
  • Shared room at the school
  • Joint trip with the whole school to Spain and Gibraltar (incl. 3 meals per day)
  • Study trip to Morocco (incl. 3 meals per day)
  • Workshops
  • Tours in the local area
  • Songbook
  • Accident insurance
  • Free use of student kitchens and special rooms
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
Minimum price for the line: NOK 124,750
The price includes a double room with a bathroom in the hallway.

Read more about our prices and room types here

Loans and Scholarships

For the 2024/2025 school year, you can be paid up to NOK 137,907 from the Lånekassen. 60 per cent of this sum is a loan, 40 per cent is a loan that can be converted into a scholarship when you are approved for your year at folkehøgskole. 

Read more about grants to Folkehøgskole here

Here you can apply for loans and grants


Do you have questions about the bus or the school?

School administration: 74 04 91 00 / adm@bakketun.fhs.no

A year at Kunsthåndverk has given me great professional breadth and friends for life. I have tried everything from sewing fur to making silver rings.

– Camilla Holmvik

Here I learned new things without thinking about grades. I was top of the line. Was challenged with new materials and techniques and had access to rooms and equipment 24/7. The study tour was great!

- Mia Nilsen

My year at Arts and Crafts gave me the courage to apply for the Vocational Training for Design, Art and Crafts at OsloMet the following year.

- Merete Steinsland

News from the line

Get to know the scholarship recipients for next year

Idunn and Emma will be scholarship holders (2nd year students) at Arts and Crafts from the autumn.

dykkelappen, Thailand

This is how you live at Bakketun

Are you wondering what it's like to live at Folkehøgskole? At Bakketun we have three cozy boarding houses, which are again divided into smaller housing units. 

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