Stage Studio Tour

Immerse yourself in music, theater or sound and music production, while gaining an insight into the entire production.


    • Instrumental and vocal technique
    • band
    • songwriting
    • studio
    • Concerts and tours


      • Acting technique
      • Script and character work
      • Direction and room use
      • Method acting, dance and movement


        • Studio
        • Music production
        • Data as a musical tool
        • Stage rigging
        • Industry knowledge


          • New York
          • London
          • Tour in Norway
          • Joint trip to Spain and Gibraltar
          Teater folkehøgskole
          musikk folkehøgskole
          lyd og musikkproduksjon folkehøgskole

          Create unforgettable moments!

          Experience a year of unforgettable moments, either on stage, in the studio, or at live concerts and performances! Immerse yourself in the subject you want, and also get an insight into it
          the entire production.


          Discover the world of acting through techniques in improvisation, character development and script writing. Learn to express yourself through method acting, observation and movement, as well as to master voice use and relaxation techniques for a convincing stage performance.


          Get space to grow and develop your musical talent, either solo or in collaboration with others. We focus on vocal and instrument techniques, as well as band dynamics. Explore songwriting from idea to finished work, and test out ideas in the school's studio.

          Sound and Music Production

          Practical training in everything from studio work to live performances. Our facilities include a professional studio equipped with Pro Tools, and the ability to work with a full stage rig including sound, lighting and AV equipment.


          We also have subjects together where we look more holistically at our three subjects. We work and travel on tour, and go on study trips to London and New York together.

          This is the line for you who dream of being on stage, either as a musician or actor. Or maybe you want to learn how to control sound and lighting for a stage show, or produce your own music in the studio. Here you will gain extensive knowledge and skills in the field, as well as valuable insight into the industry.

          Subject areas


          • Acting technique
          • Script work
          • Direction and room use
          • Body and movement
          • Character work
          • Improvisation
          • Method acting, observation skills, imagination, security, relaxation exercises, dance and movement.


          • Time to practice on your own instrument with follow-up
          • Vocal technique
          • Band/interaction
          • Songwriting
          • Studio work

          Sound and music production

          • Studio – theory and practice
          • Sound/lights/rig for stage
          • Data as a musical tool
          • Music production
          • Basic industry knowledge


          The specializations also have subjects together, where we try to take a more holistic view of our three subjects. 

          • Production subjects
          • Performance, concerts, tour

          Travel - London and New York

          London, autumn: Kickstart the school year with an inspiring trip to London. This trip is a great opportunity to get to know each other well, to have new experiences together. London offers over 150 theatres, and we will experience world-class musicals and theatre. Explore possibilities in music, sound and theatre, and consider the study options in this creative metropolis. Live concerts, iconic red buses, and much more await you. This will be an unforgettable start to your year at the folk university. 

          New York, Spring: The main tour goes to legendary New York. Here we find experiences and opportunities around every corner. You get to experience the best the city has to offer in terms of culture, such as theater in various genres and musicals on Broadway. We are inspired by people who follow their dreams in music, theater and sound.

          Discover the city through famous film locations, cycle in Central Park, and see the city skyline from a boat deck or the view from one of Manhattan's tallest skyscrapers... The possibilities are endless! we know the city well and can therefore take you to things that are not so easy to do on your own. 

          Did someone mention American Pancakes..?

          Here you can read about the liner trip to New York in 2022

          Teachers on the line


          Annette Lyngstad Skavhaug

          Theater teacher

          Annette is a teacher at the Theater line; Actor. She has previously both attended and been a scholarship holder at the school and on the line, and knows the everyday life of folk high schools well. Furthermore, she has a pedagogical education and is now studying at Nord University in addition to working at the school.


          Erling Helland

          Principal, teacher Sound and Music Production and Music

          I find that everyday life at folk college provides great opportunities for young people to grow as a person in many ways. I want to contribute to that!

          Qualified general teacher (adjunct professor), emphasis on music and history. Further education in music technology, music production and personnel and management

          email: rektor@bakketun.fhs.no

          Equipment list

          The school has most of the equipment you will need, but you are welcome to bring your own equipment that you would like to use throughout the school year.

          You can borrow this equipment from the school


          • Different rooms (hall with mirror wall, black box)
          • Costume stock and theater make-up
          • Props and scenography


          • Band instruments
          • Piano/grand piano
          • Different practice rooms

          Sound/Music production


          • Stations w/Mac (Pro Tools/Abelton)
          • Studio w/Pro Tools, C24 control surface
          • Microphones
          • Instruments


          • PA (digital and analog mixer), microphones (wired/wireless)
          • Lighting system w/conventional and moving light
          • Stage and rope system, playback of AV on screen


          • Black box
          • Stage rigging
          • Sound studio at school
          • Trucks and minibuses for tours


          In addition to the main subjects, you also have joint subjects, elective subjects and project subjects. The common subjects is worth its weight in gold for building community and preparing you for life after school. We offer many exciting electives, such as golf, horse riding, photography, the hunting test, the boat driving test and much more. IN project subject you get the opportunity to, among other things, take up subjects, or explore different career paths.

          No two weeks are the same, but a typical week might look like this:

          Shared every day: Good breakfast + morning meeting (a word for the day, today's news, marking birthdays and other important information).

          • Monday: Room cleaning, Boarding subjects, Housing collection, lunch and line subjects
          • Tuesday: Electives throughout the day
          • Wednesday: Common subjects, lunch and line subjects
          • Thursday: Main courses all day
          • Friday: Line subjects. Boarding laundry the hour before dinner
          • Saturday: Seminar/activity/trip, student evening, Saturday dinner with hot meal


          From NOK 121,350


          • Instruction
          • All meals
          • Shared room at the school
          • Joint trip with the whole school to Spain and Gibraltar (incl. 3 meals per day)
          • Bus trip to London and New York (incl. 3 meals per day)
          • Tour
          • Industry visits and workshops
          • Tours in the local area
          • Songbook
          • Accident insurance
          • Free use of student kitchens and special rooms
          • Internet
          • Washing machine
          Minimum price for the line: NOK 121,350
          The price includes a double room with a bathroom in the hallway.

          Read more about our prices and room types here

          Loans and Scholarships

          For the 2024/2025 school year, you can be paid up to NOK 137,907 from the Lånekassen. 60 per cent of this sum is a loan, 40 per cent is a loan that can be converted into a scholarship when you are approved for your year at folkehøgskole. 

          Read more about grants to Folkehøgskole here

          Here you can apply for loans and grants


          Do you have questions about the bus or the school?

          Erling Helland (subject teacher): rektor@bakketun.fhs.no

          School administration: 74 04 91 00 / adm@bakketun.fhs.no

          I really enjoyed the unique cohesion in the class and good teachers. We learn so many exciting things, such as songwriting and new instruments. The concerts were the highlight.

          - Magnhild Olise Olsen-Rye, Music

          The year offered challenges and opportunities. As a theater student, I had the opportunity to learn new ways of expressing myself. It was wonderful to be able to look forward to every single school day.

          - Sølvi Anita Thomassen, Theatre

          This is a wonderful school with very good people. Lydlinja has given me new challenges, and has taught me a lot about both the industry and not least about what actually happens behind a stage, during a record recording and with a music producer. A top year!

          - Simen Flaten Svisdal, Sound and music production

          News from the line

          Get to know the scholarship recipients for next year

          Meet Albertine and Victoria who will be scholarship holders (2nd year students) on the Scene Studio Tour.

          - I needed a year without grade pressure, and at the same time to do something I think is fun

          Ingeborg plays music on the Scene Studio Tour, and says that one of the best things about the line is being able to try new things within a safe framework.

          Line trip to New York 2023

          11 days in wonderful New York! We lived in central Manhattan, and got to experience several theatres, visits to music studios, museums and art exhibitions. We explored Times Square, Brooklyn, picnics in Central Park and much more!

          dykkelappen, Thailand

          This is how you live at Bakketun

          Are you wondering what it's like to live at Folkehøgskole? At Bakketun we have three cozy boarding houses, which are again divided into smaller housing units. 

          We are looking forward to getting to know you!