New line:

Outdoor life –
fjord and mountains

Briefly about the line:

  • Outdoor life
  • First aid course
  • Course in search and rescue (barmark and winter)
  • Breakthrough course
  • Kayak (wet card)
  • Accommodation outside
  • Skis/boards
  • Dog sledding
  • Make your own hiking equipment
  • Food pleasure on tour
  • … and much more


  • Mountain tours in central Norway
  • Bretour to Smørstabbreen
  • Joint trip to Spain and Gibraltar
friluftsliv folkehøgskole

Learn the necessary skills and experience real walking pleasure!

This line offers versatile outdoor activities around Norway. Here you get the opportunity to take a wet card, basic glacier course, first aid course and course in search and rescue.

We explore Norway at its rawest - from Jotunheimen and Dovre to Trøndelag. You will go on summit ski trips, paddle in the Trondheimsfjord, and try your hand at glacier hiking on Smøstabreen. And who knows, maybe you'll spot a musk?

You also learn to take care of nature with sustainable outdoor habits. You get the chance to make your own hiking gear - think mats and knitted mittens - all while enjoying a bonfire and fellowship. This year will be the ultimate outdoor adventure!

Subject areas

Basic subjects

  • About nature and outdoor life
  • Safety on tour
  • First aid course through the Red Cross
  • Course qualified search and rescue bare land and winter Red Cross
  • Diet - food on tour
  • Wet card, kayak
  • Breakthrough course

Trips and activities

  • Tours (walking, cycling, skiing, skating, cave, gorge etc.)
  • Accommodation outside – summer and winter
  • Canoe/kayak
  • Skis/boards
  • Dog sledding
  • Horse riding
  • Make your own hiking equipment

Nature and outdoor life

Through practical tour arrangements, we aim to ensure that you can learn the basics you need to enjoy a trip out in nature. We go over the theory around this with safety, clothing, diet so that you get a good basis for the trips we plan.

Being interested in nature and hiking is also taking care of nature. By learning something about traveling without a trace and thinking environmentally friendly and sustainably, we will be able to contribute to outdoor areas being taken care of and affected as little as possible by our hiking experience. Another contribution towards this could be to be able to make or repair some of your own hiking equipment (seat pad, hat/headband, felt hat, knit mittens/socks, make a knife) during the year.

Trips and activities

During the year, you will have the opportunity to experience nature in many different ways. We walk, cycle and ski for a peak trip, we get close to the river, water and sea in canoes and kayaks, we try our hand at cave walking and gorge/river walking. You can also try out outdoor experiences with dog sledding and horse riding. But most of all – you get to experience the comfort of being out on a walk and feeling the warmth of the fire with others!

Travel - Tours in Norway

We go on short and long trips throughout the year at the folk high school. We have three major weekly trips where you get to experience the mountain like never before:

In the autumn we are going on a glacier hike on Smørstabreen in Jotunheimen, complete with tent camping and an in-depth glacier course. You learn everything about safety and safe travel on glaciers, with the top of Storebjørn as an unforgettable highlight. Then we aim for Snøhetta in Dovre, where the musk can become part of the nature experience.

Winter brings a ski and sledding trip in one of Trøndelag's national parks, with accommodation in tents and cabins. Join us and explore the wilderness in a whole new way!

Teachers on the line

Ann Sissel Vehus

Ann Sissel has teacher training in science with mathematics and sports, as well as a major in physical education.

Since 2011, Ann Sissel has also been a boarding school leader, and she appreciates creating a good environment for the students outside the classroom. She also shares her own passion for movement through walks and exercise.

With Ann Sissel as your teacher, you can look forward to feeling welcome, supported and encouraged to grow both professionally and personally.

Equipment list

You can borrow this equipment from the school:

The school has most of the common hiking equipment we will need:

  • Tent
  • Canoe/kayak
  • Sleds
  • Primus/storm kitchen
  • First aid equipment
  • Ice skates

You must provide this equipment yourself:

  • Hiking clothes (summer/winter)
  • Underwear for hiking
  • Hat/mittens
  • Wind/rain
  • Shoes (hiking and running shoes)
  • Sleeping bag/bed
  • Backpack (min. 60 liters)
  • Skis (preferably touring skis)
  • Bicycle

Hiking gear doesn't have to be so expensive! Feel free to check what you have that works before you buy a new one. If you have to buy, it is also possible to see what is available used before you buy new. It is also possible to borrow a good deal of equipment at BUA in Verdal, and the school has good agreements with local sports shops. 


In addition to the main subjects, you also have joint subjects, elective subjects and project subjects. The common subjects is worth its weight in gold for building community and preparing you for life after school. We offer many exciting electives, such as golf, horse riding, photography, the hunting test, the boat driving test and much more. IN project subject you get the opportunity to, among other things, take up subjects, or explore different career paths.

No two weeks are the same, but a typical week might look like this:

Shared every day: Good breakfast + morning meeting (a word for the day, today's news, marking birthdays and other important information).

  • Monday: Room cleaning, Boarding subjects, Housing collection, lunch and line subjects
  • Tuesday: Electives throughout the day
  • Wednesday: Common subjects, lunch and line subjects
  • Thursday: Main courses all day
  • Friday: Line subjects. Boarding laundry the hour before dinner
  • Saturday: Seminar/activity/trip, student evening, Saturday dinner with hot meal


From NOK 121,350


  • Instruction
  • All meals
  • Shared room at the school
  • All tours and activities
  • Use of the school's hiking equipment
  • Rental of equipment for various courses (glacier, wet card, first aid)
  • Joint trip with the whole school to Spain and Gibraltar (incl. 3 meals per day)
  • Study tour in Norway (incl. 3 meals per day)
  • Songbook
  • Accident insurance
  • Free use of student kitchens and special rooms
  • Internet
  • Washing machine
Minimum price for the line: NOK 121,350
The price includes a double room with a bathroom in the hallway.

Loans and Scholarships

For the 2024/2025 school year, you can be paid up to NOK 137,907 from the Lånekassen. 60 per cent of this sum is a loan, 40 per cent is a loan that can be converted into a scholarship when you are approved for your year at folkehøgskole. 

Read more about grants to Folkehøgskole here

Here you can apply for loans and grants


Do you have questions about the bus or the school?

Ann sissel Vehus (teacher): annsissel@bakketun.fhs.no

School administration: 74 04 91 00 / adm@bakketun.fhs.no

We are looking forward to getting to know you!